When I was about 12 years old I bought my first tarot deck. It was used – some tarot readers will never buy a used deck – but I didn’t know any better and frankly it’s never given me any trouble. Anyway, I digress.

My first deck purchase fascinated me to no end. I stuck it in my pocket or my backpack and took it with me everywhere. I loved to pull it out and look at the little pictures, some of which were quite controversial for a 12-year-old.

That deck was “The Tarot of the Golden Dawn”, a title which made no sense because it was fairy illustrations. Eventually it was rebranded and rereleased as the Tarot of the Hidden Folk or the Enchanted Tarot by Giacinto Gaudenzi, one of my very favorite illustrators. I now own a few copies and my obsession with it has never ended.

Shortly after purchasing the deck an idea formed that maybe I’d like to draw my own deck. A couple years later I was a 14-year-old digital art student and not long after that I began dabbling with tarot designs.

In 2020 my dream came true when Llewellyn Worldwide approached me to illustrate my very own tarot deck. I wasn’t sure I could draw 78 angels, but I had been waiting for this for all my life! Okay, not my whole life, but about 20 years by that point. Of course I said “yes” and the rest is now history. Drawing a series of 78 things is a harrowing experience and sometimes I felt I’d never get through it. But I made it to the end and now it is partially here for you to view.


The deck is slated to be published in 2025, and until then I won’t be putting the whole thing online. The unfortunate reality of our modern age is that you can buy any deck for about $5 on websites like Wish, and every single one of them is stolen. In order to try and protect the deck as best as I can, I’ve watermarked it to within an inch of its life and only put a selection of the art online. I’ll let you know when it is finally out in the world and fully available for viewing.