The full moon has many names from different cultures around the world. Some of them are beautiful and romantic names, others are more practical and indicate the beginning of different hunting and fishing seasons.

In 2008 I was freshly out of art school and began a series of paintings inspired by the names and mythology of the full moon along with some other moon-related phenomena, like blue moons and blood on the moon.

I never did finish that series and now, more than fifteen years later, I’ve decided to start it over using all the things I’ve learned since then to improve my art and bring the mystery and mythology of the full moon to life.

Each month’s full moon and various moon mythologies will receive an illustration here, eventually. I endeavor to finish one every month and to eventually release a calendar and other related products.

Come with me on my journey into the realm of faeries and night, other worldly creatures, and the cycles of nature. The moon and her many stories have captivated humanity since the dawning of it, and I know that I am no exception.