Growing up in the Wenatchee National Forest in Washington State gave me an appreciation for the intricate dance of wildlife and humanity. Living on the edge of civilization meant frequent encounters with wild animals. On a near-daily basis deer, brown bears, wild turkeys, and smaller animals like raccoons, weasels, and gophers would pass through our 3 acre plot. Sometimes there were more dangerous visitors, like elk, moose, or mountain lions.

I still find animals awe-inspiring and I can never get enough of seeing them. I love to imagine the secret lives they live away from human eyes and you’ll often find my wildlife paintings are a little whimsical rather than scientific.

Here you’ll find an assortment of my animal and wildlife artwork. This isn’t an exhaustive catalog, rather just some of my favorites.


With every stroke of the brush or pencil I seek to convey the wonder that animals inspire within me. I hope that you enjoy this little glimpse into the forest of my imagination and its enchanting inhabitants.