In 2013 I had an idea to create an oracle deck from my artwork spanning about 5 years of my career at that point. I had never made a deck of any kind or written a guidebook, but I spent the summer of 2013 putting it all together and launched it on Kickstarter in August of that year.

Somehow it was a success even though I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into.

It very quickly sold out and I regretted that we didn’t order twice or three times as many. Right away I was approached about turning it into a mobile app and in mobile form it’s been downloaded A LOT.

Over the years I’ve redesigned and reprinted it again and again. We reprinted it in 2021 and this time we ordered a lot more than we ever did before. Decks designed in this way, where the art is pre-existing and the book is written to fit it, are not usually very popular, so I have been surprised and delighted by the longevity of my summer project.


I don’t know if we’ll print it again. It continues to sell and sell. I guess as long as that’s the case we’ll keep it going on our end.

I based the guidebook on the major arcana and expanded it from there, so some of the cards may seem a little familiar. Unfortunately that first edition had a very limited guidebook size, so the descriptions had to be short and to-the-point. Some readers find the bluntness off-putting, but that was the limitation of printing these things at the time. Over the years I’ve tweaked it a bit, but perhaps the next deck printing will be a complete re-write.