Faeries have long captured the imaginations of romantic writers and artists. As a young child I found myself tiptoeing the border of Fairyland every time I was left alone in the woods we called home back then. I don’t think I was familiar with the idea of faeries then – I was only perhaps three years old the first time I remember hearing their bells and singing.

Was it just my imagination? Silly explanations from a small child for perfectly mundane sounds in the woods? Maybe. Or maybe it wasn’t.

Either way, this brush with magic left me with a lifelong fascination with all things faerie.

Whether it’s chasing the Green Faerie to the bottom of a glass of absinthe or waiting at the edge of the woods at nightfall, I will probably always be waiting for another glimpse of their ethereal beauty.

Note: My interpretation of “faerie” might be slightly different from what you’ve come to expect. Not all of my faeries have wings, and some are “just” nature spirits. But in my mind they are all representative of faerie and everything that it means to me.