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Welcome, honored guest, to our enchanted realm – home of the fantasy artwork of painter Tiffany Toland-Scott. Use the menu above to find your way through the realm, or scroll down to see the newest arrivals.

New Collection

The full moon has many names from different cultures around the world. Some of them are beautiful and romantic names, others are more practical and indicate the beginning of different hunting and fishing seasons.

Come with me on my journey into the realm of faeries and night, other worldly creatures, and the cycles of nature. The moon and her many stories have captivated humanity since the dawning of it, and I know that I am no exception.

Visit the Names of the Moon gallery

my ebay store

I’ve re-opened my eBay store! I will be moving everything over to eBay – everything ships directly from my studio just like before.

Event Schedule

Come see me and my art at any of these events below!


May 21-22nd

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Licensing Expo

Meetings available all day Tuesday and Wednesday at the Tate Licensing booth


May 24-27th

Missoula, MT

MisCon 38

I’m finally back in the art show, panels and demos TBA


July 26-28th

Atlanta, GA


In the vendor hall with paintings, prints, & decks


October 26-27th

Reading, PA

IlluxCon Showcase

Two evenings in the showcase with me & my art buds