Recently I said things on social media and Patreon about starting over my full moon series from many, ahem, moons ago. When I first got out of school in 2008 I started painting them in watercolor. I wasn’t very good at painting back then but that never stopped me from selling the paintings. In fact I have very few of those not very skillful paintings left and lots of my more skillful work that sits around. I don’t know what that says about anything but there it is – if you are worried you aren’t good enough at painting to sell your paintings, guess again.

Anyhoo I never finished the series back then. I did a few of the pieces and then toddled off to other ideas like I frequently do. I have ADHD and that is my excuse for everything. But recently I have been taking classes again and I thought for sure it would be a fun thing to work on the moon series, but start over obviously because none of the pieces would match otherwise.

The Blue Moon piece I did in August went swimmingly. It was an experiment in working with water-mixable oils for the underpainting and I found the whole process really enjoyable. I also really enjoyed working with the new things I was learning.

I’ve always wanted to paint more like the “classical dudes” but you have to understand I grew up in a really rural area and the only art around me was weird abstract stuff and cowboy art. I never actually have seen, to this day, any paintings in person of any of my personal art heroes. For real! Opportunities have arisen for me to see them, but then life has gotten in the way and I’ve missed the traveling exhibitions that carried Bouguereau, Waterhouse, and Alma-Tadema around the United States.

When I was a kid and I saw those paintings in books and whatnot I just figured nobody really paints like that anymore, or if they do I would never be in the position to learn how they do. But with the Internet there’s really no excuse against learning pretty much anything. The internet has encouraged people to become their own doctors and do their own scientific research, so the internet can also fool me into believing I am capable of Academic and Pre-Raphaelite painting techniques, right?

Well anyway I think I got pretty close on “Blue Moon” and I was pretty happy with it. So I set out to paint “The Harvest Moon”.

Cue sad trombone music.

I started the painting and it was alright. But it didn’t have the same look as Blue Moon, which is obviously what I’m going for. And then I didn’t like the colors and didn’t know if glazing could salvage them, and blah blah blah, fill this space with all kinds of artistic self-doubt, and here we are the morning after The Harvest Moon and I have not painted it.

I’ll come back around to it later, probably at the end of next summer when I make my way around to the Buck Moon and Sturgeon Moon. For now it is time for me to switch and focus on October’s Hunter’s Moon. And maybe in the future I won’t talk on social media about my plans for future works, since, you know, *gestures*, this.

I AM working on a new calen- no. I’m not working on anything else that is serial or going to be released on Kickst- you know what, I’m going to go drink some coffee.

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