Several years ago, I think in 2013, I started doing “Days of Christmas” on my website. I would offer a crazy deal for that day on one print, or put a free item in every order – something fun like that. I don’t think I managed it the last couple of years. Between my chronic illness, surgery, caring for my grandparents, homeschooling, and daily drudgery, a lot of the magic of the season disappeared for me. This year already feels very different, and I really wanted to bring back the Days of Christmas thing. It was fun and I think the people who participated also enjoyed it.

Today I’m giving away a free book with every order. I’ll do this until I run out of books, but I don’t think I will run out of books. I have a lot of books!

I’m also donating the profits from my Santa Wizard paintings to Disabled American Veterans again this year. I usually do the donation myself which means I have to wait until my bookkeeping is all done, but this year since I moved my sales to eBay, eBay will automatically disburse the donation to DAV. One less thing for me to worry about and hopefully anyone who wondered if I actually donate the money (I do) will feel better about donating this year.

Aside from that today I am in the very chilly studio working on finishing a Saint Lucy/Lucia painting in the Swedish tradition. What I mean by that is, even though Lucia was not Swedish, girls dress up as her in Sweden on December 13th, wearing crowns of greenery and candles, and they usually carry offerings of fika – gingerbread cookies, buns, and mulled wine or coffee, or both. Saint Lucy is seen as a light-bringer, and of course in very dark and snowy parts of the world, that’s fabulous and definitely worth celebrating as the darkest night of the year approaches.

The figure they base this celebration upon is either Saint Lucy, the Italian martyr, or Adam’s first wife, who had relations with the devil and produced invisible infernal offspring. Look – I have no idea what this has to do with Christmas, but it is beautiful and captivating, so let’s just go with it.


I thought the weather was going to warm up, and I suppose it did, but now it is just raining, blustery, barely tolerable inside, and going outside for firewood makes one feel like an adventurer. I will have to embrace my adventurous side at least once more this morning and go let the birds out. Of course I threw my coats in the washer last night and forgot to put them in the dryer, so I have a single fleece and that’s it. Since it was going to warm up I also let the fires go out so I could clean the ash out of the stoves. The thing is since a large portion of my house is stone, brick, and glass, it has a certain “earthship” quality in that it will heat up enough to be comfortable just from the sun. But if it is cloudy and 47 degrees outside it makes no difference at all. Yesterday it was sunny. Today it is not. Brr.

I guess it’s as good an environment as I’m going to get for making Christmas art in Georgia. It hardly ever snows before Christmas here, so I will just have to imagine a few snowflakes blowing around in the rain today.

And, before I forget, this Lucia painting is indeed December’s full moon painting. The December full moon is sometimes known as the Cold Moon or the Oak Moon, or the Long Night Moon. Lucia felt like a fitting figure for this one.

Last month I painted the Mourning Moon and I just posted the video of that one this morning.


I hope you are staying warm in your corner of the world.

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