This week’s video is a little over-the-top but I had fun making it despite the depressing subject matter. Every week there are new advancements in AI that enable people to avoid being themselves in front of others. Is AI democratizing art or destroying it? Is there a point in consuming things that no one bothered to actually make? Should we engage with people who don’t bother to write their own comments?

I have a lot of questions and concerns, and I lay (almost) all of them out in this video. Stay tuned for a future video where I’ll talk about what I think is the actual danger to the arts in this day and age.

“For what is original is only what is true, a newly perceived truth; the peculiar is the imitation article. And there is a very great distinction between the freakish oddity of peculiar things and the genuine original work.” – Harold Speed, The Science & Practice of Oil Painting, 1924

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