I forgot to share yesterday’s Oil Book yesterday – oops! Here it is – a long one with a lot of information about choosing safe paints. I try to maintain a non-toxic oil paint studio which is actually pretty easy. I talk in this video about what materials I choose and misconceptions about other types of paint being safer.

If you’ve been hesitant to try oils because you think acrylics or watercolors are safer I think it’s important to understand all paints are using the same potentially toxic pigments and acrylics have the added hazard of formaldehyde as a preservative. Oil paint gets an unnecessarily bad rap in my opinion because of old school standards that can be left by the wayside in favor of safer materials.

Today I also drew a winner for a 3 month subscription! The winner was vhsu! Each month I’ll choose a random winner from those who have an activity rating of 4+ stars. I want to make sure whoever gets it will actually use it rather than giving it to someone that never opens the e-mails. Congrats vhsu!

Can you win more than once? Yes! If you’re already comped and you get drawn again, you’ll get another 3 months added on.

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you do something creative.

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