Recently I’ve found myself pondering the viability of having my own ecommerce store. Usually this pondering happens in the shower, where all of my best and most impulsive ideas are born. Yesterday I pulled the trigger and started setting up this new website,, in order to house what I really want to focus on.

I still want to sell my work, don’t get me wrong. I haven’t suddenly taken up a vow of poverty and decided to give my artwork away for free or not make it at all. It’s just becoming increasingly unfriendly to be a small business owner on the internet. Every state is trying to figure out how to get their slice of sales tax from the internet monies and the reality is that big places like Whamazon can afford to pay a bunch of professional legal nerds to get out of paying the sales tax and little gals like me end up getting raked over the coals by the state of Nebraska for $17*.

And don’t even get me started on the EU! I don’t have time and don’t want to spend the money to be able to import stuff to Germany or whatever just to ship one painting to Deutschland. Forget it.

Could I keep on doing what I’m doing and maybe never get into any kind of trouble with anyone? Maybe. Do I want to deal with the revenue department of any particular state or country?

Every sane person answers, “no”, to that question. So that’s the end of me having my own ecommerce store.

Yes, I could pay for an app to calculate and file the taxes for me, at least for the United States. But the apps will only do so much unless you pay for the premium tier of help, in which case they still only do so much and we’re back at my previous statement where I can’t afford to pay a money nerd to make the money go where the money is being legally demanded. I just want to be a paint nerd, ahem, a paint witch, and not $&#* with all of this or have nightmares about the South Pole Elves working at the Tennessee Department of Revenue*.

oracle decks for sale on a table 

Dealing with special event sales taxes after an art show is bad enough.

So today I began working on this website, since it takes about 24 hours for a new website to spread through the internet like an infectious disease. Until the entire internet has it, some parts of the internet will pretend it doesn’t exist. Gosh, that sounds really familiar. At any rate, it’s difficult to work on a website that is more or less in limbo, since one server knows it is there and the other doesn’t exactly agree yet. You have to let it marinate overnight for best results.

And I probably should have let the idea marinate a little bit, because today I am a little worried. Did I do the right thing? Do I really want to build a whole new website from scratch? Do I really want to deal with building a store on a different platform that collects and remits taxes on my behalf?

Do I want to give up control???



I do.

I want to paint more and faff about with responsibilities less. That sounds really immature. Oh well, I’m keeping it. I also want to throw out all my dishes and only use paper from now on, eat stuff that comes out of bags, and if I could get one of those vending machines that dispenses clean scrubs to doctors but just fill it with t-shirts and leggings that would be fantastic. Unfortunately I can’t do all of those things because I’m an adult or whatever but I can make my own life a little bit simpler in one regard. I hope. I hope I am making it simpler. Oh no, what if it’s not?

Ugh. I guess we are going to find out about life after having my own ecommerce store!

*May or may not refer to actual places or occurrences.

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